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I know that my pair of natural, hot, smooth tatas get eyeballs. I’m talking about attention that a soldier gives his commanding officer. Like a five star general, girls love to show off their peaches, be they petite or pounders. What is it about knockers and sexy bumps that draws crowds of admirers? Since the dawn of time and Roman days, cleavage has been popular. Even moms want to compare, with or without a bra. When they go to the downtown mall, they’re looking at more than lipstick. Of all the people they bump into they may see and my busty chest. I feel mine are an inspiration that would inspire anyone to rate my fine tatas.

I believe in jug power. Albert Einstein’s theory of the universe and physic declarations are fascinating no doubt. But even his ideas did not cover all mysteries of the galaxy. Why does a wife and her bobbies has more control over their husband than either of them realize? Why are men hypnotized and turn into automatically controlled robots from outer space when they see a pair of perfect peaches? When it comes to a lesbian couple, how does the balance of power work out? Most men and women don’t know the answers to these important questions, but surely they have been pondered by our ancient ancestors throughout the history of time. Well one’s things for sure: booby power is no laughing matter when it comes to female sexual attraction.

Boobs can be small or large when it comes to showing off female cleavage, although many folks have a big tit or hot nipple fetish. A small tattoo near one’s chest around the melons is kinda sexy too. All I know is that people love to rate my pristine boobs whenever I am in public. My thangs will out-score any other mighty mounds for miles around.

My Nude Girlfriend Apples and Ex Gf Enchiladas

My cute girlfriend ratings are the hottest thing since chili peppers. And so is my Ex gf. They don’t have any professional training as models but they look naturally hot in panties, skirts, shorts, or any kind of lingerie. When either of them wear a skimpy bikini or thong, it’s instant orgasm time. With my cam vid, the three of us and another friend got together to take some videos and create some erotic gallery photos. We even did some amateur porno video. We were getting excited too. I was making all kind of jokes about kinky poses and how their legs and thighs were academy award nominees. I kidded that we’d sell our works in hundreds of porn shops across the country.

My girlfriend is Asian, and she looks like she is part Latin. Some people think she is from Italy or Romania for whatever reason. In any case she is so hot with her trim tummy. She has a body piece in her navel on her fine flat stomach. I think she is around 26 or 27. I’ve found that young and mature adults (so to speak) have attractive female parts as long as they keep themselves in shape. My exgf rates high. She is a great example and she also has a great smile and apple lips.

My lady friends have fun rating me too. I have to get nude and put on speedos or thongs. They rate my body, muscles, and other body parts that start to bulge, hehe. Makes me feel similar to a superstar model walking the cat walk in New York, Paris, or Tokyo.  All in all I give my lovely pals a high score since they are both beautiful and fun to be around. Did I mention they are Rhode Scholars too?

My Virgin Vagina and Pink Bits from Baltimore

These days at the beach many fine chicks can be observed. It's almost like a stage. Some bikini’s can barely be classified as swimsuits but more like a stripper doing a free strip tease to show off one’s cunt. I’ve been in some downtown joints in Europe and Asia and they were more in there than some public beaches. I mean you can practically see their silky slits without trying too hard. Some g-strings are so skimpy one’s tan lines would be so near their thing that their pink would be like bits as bright as Valentine’s candy. Ok, that’s me too at the beach. My pink bits have been rated many times over.

I have a hairy beaver so I have to shave my pubes silky smooth. That way I'll have the young creampie of an 18 year old college chick. An amateur nasty vulva can look so wow once properly primped for an outing, and that’s me. We’re talking about the looks of a perfect monkey paw. A woman’s booty bum converted from stink ink to a bed full or roses is a wonderful thing. I want my cream pie to be shaved, soft, yet firm. Dressing properly will compliment my vag.

Listen up gals , if you need ideas for your vagina then I suggest you hang out at the beach. That’s how I learned how to make my top rated vagina look good when I’m voted on. You’ll also find good material at the public library or bookstore. Check the magazine section for rags, for example That Girl, Penthouse, The Body Erotic, etc. Some of the established big block national bookstore chains have gone under, so you might have to check online.

Rate my Angel Ass and Bare Butt Bumps

My old lady told me her fanny cheeks were academy award Hollywood material. Yeah right. They do have a lot of makeup artists in the movie business and plastic surgery is in. My current spouse says rating my ass busts hers by a long shot. Thank you. My ass is the best booty in town. I love getting complements from my boyfriend. I’d be proud if I had a Black bottom or milf buttocks but I have my own lovely rear end. So what’s not to be proud of?

Now I know that the anus is an attraction to many, especially if you are into anal sex. But you don't have to be. Apparently a rear end crack gets as many looks as a tight butthole. But to keep a tight asshole you have to do rigorous exercises. That’s what my college teacher told me, and he wasn’t teaching my sex education class. Actually he was no angel but an anthropology professor so I figured he knew what he was talking about.

Butt in any case I feel my bum should get the highest score since my butt rates superior due to its shapely and uniform size. I goto the gym 3 times a week and give it a hard workout. I used to watch the “Buns of Steel” exercise video but I got tired of doing it alone. I prefer others to be around for motivation.

The gym is best, but fast food joints like McDonald’s is ok, but awkward. One time I bought a hamburger, fries, a mixed green salad, and a large diet coke. Before eating my meal I did my squat routine where I bend down then on the way up squeeze my buttocks as tight as possible. I didn't have my pants off or anything but I noticed customers and the security guard watching me. So I don’t go to McDonalds that often. I prefer Burger King, the floors seem less slippery for my tush workouts. All of my hard work makes be sincerely believe that my tush is tops. I sincerely award my behind as the best.

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