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Rating Pink Bits in Red Light Joints

I am a science teacher and I now live in Belgium. In this country every town has a red light district. During daytime they seem like “ordinary” neighborhoods. In the evening lady’s of the night emerge and sit in the window of their establishments with a pretty smile. They are anywhere from 18 to mature chicks and they wear very tight short skirts to show off their sexy thighs and legs. They almost go all the way up to reveal their creampie. I’ve even seen some in panties or lingerie. Sometimes they do a mild mock striptease and motion with their lips to come inside. If you want to rate some pink bits and pubes you have to go inside and inquire.

You may find that there are other panty pics inside. Once seated you will be invited to have a drink then choose what interests you. Their albums of near nude images will show lovely women posing in swimsuits, skimpy outfits, and outdoor settings. You can almost see their pubes. Most European countries find sex to be natural as eating meals for nourishment. Some places may feature cam reviews for your review or even nasty tube photos.

Diverse Bits, Hairy Beavers, Smooth Cunts

Many customers like hairy beavers, others love soft smooth cunts. You’ll find what you want here. Of course there are blond girls and redheads. I’ve even seen Asian and Latino babes here. In fact when I brought my sister and wife here, they did not realize Belgium was so diverse. I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel that in this country it is sometimes ok for a boyfriend or husband to take a trip down to this area for some extra snatch activity.

Coming to places like this is much more exciting than porn or a sex blog. When you watch a porno flick it’s just not the same as real live naked body with real bits. The stink of the ink is much more erotic. Wow. You don’t have to come to these areas to have an orgasm or bj. You can just sit with the ladies and enjoy each other’s company. Nothing is expected or required. If you want to relax without anyone exposing their vulva and just chat over snacks and drinks, that’s cool. Kind of like in Japan.

Rate my Pink around Town, and French Fries

Of course there is much more to this country besides the red light district. They have wonderful architecture, neighborhoods, gardens, and a rich history. The food is great too. Belgians are fond of frits (French fries) and Moules (mussels). Many towns have their own specialty. They put all kind of things on their frits besides salt and ketchup. They mix in mustard, pickles, bacon, etc.

They make supreme cream pies too. How females here keep up their tummy and cunts so firm and sexy is beyond me. The women are so fine and good looking. There is so much tempting food around to make anyone gain a lot of weight and get out of shape. Perhaps they are doing sexercise in the bedroom. That's more fun than jogging or doing aerobics. In fact you work out ALL parts of the body. Of course when you do the sexercises, it's good to find a workout partner.

It seems like the mini skirt is still popular here. You see girls wearing red, black, and hot pink ones. They strut their stuff around while attending classes, shopping at the supermarket, or even at the gym. They wear them everywhere. Will churches and funerals be next? I give them high ratings and hope they never go out of fashion.  My life philosophy is simple: t he skimpier the clothing the bigger my smile.

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