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When I was 18 guys would stare at my chest like they wanted to rate my tatas. Even up to this day I credit my soft natural juggs to my old lady, I mean my mature mom. She had tight cute knockers that would knock any male out. She never wore a bra and her stiff bobbies would protrude through her almost invisible blouse. Many men probably had an orgasm just viewing her nearly nude jugs.

Her cleavage could seduce anyone looking for a hot naked teacher or professor. You see she had a scholarly look like she worked in a college or university.  The town I lived in was split about 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans. But after meeting my Mom I’m sure many acted like Libertarians. But lets not get into politics. Beauty is beyond that. Every man (and some ladies) can’t help to desire works of art. Like a fine oil painting by Monet, Van Gosh, Paul Gauguin, the colors and technique over canvas can seduce even the most unsophisticated art neophyte.

Speaking of beauty, young women as young as 30 have small, medium, or big to large tats. Sexy nipples come in various sizes too. Men love to rate them mentally, especially if the boobys are tanned and smooth. They often imagine the person nude, or performing a naughty strip tease act for a video or porno film. Teen chicks know this when they flirt with their boyfriends.

I like to think of myself as an adult with a youthful body. I realized how much I was in demand when I had some sexy photos of my tan chest taken and someone stole all the pics along with my Sony cam. My luscious tatas images had much sentimental value, and I had carefully trimmed my pubes for the gallery shots. Some lucky person could now view my knockers for free, and they don’t even have to visit an art gallery. For my ex it was always free, but that’s different!

Big & Tiny Jugs, Friends at School

After that experience I returned to college to pursue a real life career.  I decided I wanted to be a sexy -- I mean a sex psychologist. I didn’t have a lot of money but I was sure I would qualify for a scholarship or grant. I had plenty of experience with Asian and Latin sex, because my spouse  was very open to letting me explore. I had erotic lesbian experiences and the wife of a friend liked to fool around. It seemed that many people desired to rate my tatas. Even my sister wanted to compare hers to mine. Studying sex psychology I learned that when it comes to jugs people are have an entire arena of types like milf (mother’s I’d like to f...), black tatas, amateur poses, nipple porn, various fetishes and kinky desires. Of course silky smooth thighs and legs are in demand too.

School is one thing, but life experiences and observations are paramount. It’s like comparing apples and – peaches. I’ve observed that when it comes to juggs, a skimpy bikini, swimsuit, or lingerie can really complement a female bust. A ladies pair will also be enhanced if they have a tight long tummy with a petite navel. No doubt firm stomachs with round cleavage attract eyes like honey attracts bees. Got tan lines suggesting partial nudity? That will promote how your sexy body will rate too. As far as what color your underwear, g-string, or thong are, if you got the best tatas around it doesn’t matter. Be it pink panties, red shorts, or yellow skirts. When you have the best, admirers become color blind.

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