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Take my milk ---- please! Got lots to spray on your sweet body.
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Always a horny animal

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that is a fine, clean pink. wanna fuck your for hours
French guy
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girlfriend you are my type. do you work it both ways, i mean with guys and gals?? could show you what a guy can't do for you
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your nude body is turning me on
Excellent picture but go see a OBGYN to get it pink again.
hi, lets talk
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I could have fun with that
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I can take it

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My rod is about that thick, 8 inches always hard and ready for you
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very naughty girl!
Tiny Tim
ouch such a brave woman. do you do this once a week or every evening?
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i could take U home

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Rate my girlfriend and my ex girl art collection

Who wants to rate my hot nude girlfriend’s body parts and pics? And who wants to rate my ex girlfriend? Yeah I have both. I don’t know about yours, but my current girl friend loves to show off her nude body parts. My girl has the hottest tits, ass, and pussy. I love her tanned smooth navel tummy. She is just so sexy, like a porno striptease star. But she never spent large sums of money on modeling courses, exercise gyms, or plastic surgery. She was simply ... natural.
My ex was hot too. My exgf also loved to get naked to get voted by official art judges. She would get into stripping down to her panties like she was getting perform in a free cam shoot or something. Her stomach was oh so fine and complemented her rack and boobs like a piece of fine art. You could see just a touch of her sexy chick pubes. 

Her perfect physique isn’t the only thing to score. Her lips, smile, and tattoo were a tribute to her wholeness. She loves to post her images here for free and has more naked shots to contribute to the gallery collection – if encouraged. Talk about photo love, I wish I knew how to make vids (videos) to tape her stripping her body to expose her legs, thighs, and porn quality rack and melons. Not that I would post them, but for my own personal pleasure, hehe.

Her breasts are grand, and many people think she is a young teen woman who just turned 18. Actually she graduated from college and has a Bachelors in Human Sexuality. It was a 4 year degree and she completed it when she was only 21. So after 3 years she knew her stuff. She’s a hot sexy chick, mature, and intelligent.

Nude body lifetime gold memories: gf and exgf

The thing about both of my ladies is they loved to go to the nude swimming holes at Pine Springs in the lush mountains near our home town in the countryside. They loved to lay in the sun and work on their sexy  tan lines. They would drive hours on windy roads to be in the great outdoors in the raw. They loved to get extra credit in their skimpy bikinis, g-strings, and thongs (the fabrics were either silk or a synthetic textile but they were ultra thin). Under the lush forest foliage they would practice their professional poses in their scant outfits.

Now for amateur shots both my current girl friend and my other would prep for the points as if they were running for president. They would pump up their tatas by bouncing up and down, massaging their vaginas (or beaver if you will), and every part of their nude body would be shaved. Wow. I mean they could be modeling lingerie underwear and swimsuits for Victoria’s Secret or the Triple Girl blog. But they also looked wonderful in shorts and skirts, or hot pants.

To many people who rate my girlfriend’s body, her vagina is of gold. Call it a cunt, clit, bum, or beaver, a pussy can make the mark whether it is stark naked or garnished with panties. I like to think of it as a side dish to tits and the almighty ass. It’s like a naughty celebration over dinner. You want to start with lively cocktails to get warmed up so to speak, then serve appetizers (i.e., Hors d'œuvre as they used to say in my high school French class). You want a nice soup that is warm to the lips, a fluffy green or Ceasar salad to clear the palate,  and stiff long bread sticks.  Finally the main course should be enjoyed. All of this should be savored by candle light to set a proper ambiance. Cream pie for dessert anyone, or milk pudding?

She also gives great blow jobs. The type you would see on popular tube sites. I mean we would reciprocate in bed, but my gf could never do a bj like her. Thanks honey for the good times. That’s what life is all about, creating memories you can treasure forever. I can see it now when we are seniors … “Remember the time when you used to take our clothes off to get points? Remember all of those hot pics we took? Them was good times!”

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