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gold medal smooth pinkbits Rate my Pink Bits and Vaginacream pie pink ratings

Is my vagina good enough?

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Good enough? You are beautiful
sarah peek
She looks delicate
the last time i vacationed in France I met a woman like you at the library, we went home the same evening and well you remind me of her. Are you french?
YES you're vagina is adorable like a little piece of art, so smooth love the way you shaved it
so sexy so tight would love to open you up
am up for it
so hot so tight woud like to pop it
perfect form so hot and inviting
Yes it's good enough

On my back, front door open

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mmmm, split it open to see if i fit
you remind me of someone special ..... my wife
FUCK, spread 'um!!!
my rod in u
that stink ink looks juicy and yummy, so ripe
hairy bear for cunt
want to open that door wide for you and see what's inside that creampie
Jack Off
Your pink is making me bothered to bits! Want to get off with you and please you too.
Now theres a pussy i would eat for hours!!!!
that's pretty

Working my pink

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This is too much, I'm getting wet. GEt in contact with me
sarah peek
wow you are tight. getting close?
holy crap this shot is f***** hot
pams pink bits
damn nasty vulva pic lets rub our together
follow the YELLOW LINE!!
release the kraken.
why are yuo having sex alone?

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Rate my Proud Pink Bits in a Cadellac sedan

OK I have to admit, when someone says they want to rate my pink bits, I get kinda aroused. I think about my shaved bits being admired by many, and my goodwill is always free. I mean I post my female part pics of me nude, or naked parts of me, ‘cause I feel I’m sexy. I know I’m sexy. When you got a snatch like mine, with fine soft pink lips that are inviting to all, you know you’re gonna take the crown. Perhaps you have seen my on late night television, usually channel 69. I did appear on shows such as David Letterman and Jay Leno in Los Angeles and New York city.

When I get excited, my vulva puts out a nasty stink. Call it lime juice or whatever, thinking about my hot creampie gives me a tingling feeling. I could be driving on the freeway or on a side street, steering a new Cadillac sedan or 1968 Volkswagon bug. My vagina is tight and small, but when it gets aroused it gets puffed up where ever it is. So when I’m in a car in my bikini or lingerie, or just a red panty, I like to rub myself down there and sing Puff the Magic Dragon. My beaver is a little hairy, but my pubes are not an overgrown bush. So whatever I’m wearing looks fitting, I don’t need to shave or wax.

When people rate my pink bits I get high marks. It’s like being on the winning team of a soccer or baseball team. There’s plenty of adults out there who have good taste. My thing is better than my sister’s snatch, and she turned 18 six months ago. She’s a college chick now. Funny thing is she knows the score better than my mom. You see my mom is considered naughty but she is mature and loves to post images of her natural snatch. Nothing wrong with that. In fact she’s posted so many nasty nude photos and semi-erotic pictures she could be considered a porn queen. Young teen girls must envy her secretly, even though she may not be a traditional mother. What counts is we lived in a loving 3 bedroom house with lots of love. Growing up, I have many fond memories of my mother and father. More of my mother I guess, since she taught me how to show it off and be proud. She used to tell me to follow my dreams, spread my legs, and fly like an eagle.

Vivacious Vagina Personal Collection

Yeah our whole family, the female part anyway, have a an image gallery larger than Getty Images. That’s a lot of Vaginas to Rate. We have more pics than Elvis has fans. We’re just amateurs, but we love to strip for the camera and show off our ink. As one porno king said: “they do it because it’s in their heart”. I like to get creative too. I can get a little kinky or do a fetish pose, and I really like to work on my sexy tan lines. I’m so tanned now I feel I’m the hottest babe since the creation of Amanda Knottykuhnt's sex tube.

Sometimes we’ll do cam or sexy video shot of my smooth cunt, then get still shots from the vids. If the vid is good quality getting quality pics won’t be a problem. My wow between my thighs will show up in true color so people can award them the high marks they so richly deserve. Although I never graduated from college, my vagina is valedictorian of my class . My spouse certainly thinks so. Who needs school when you have a diamond treasure chest between your legs, and every pirate of the seas is trying to get their hands on the wealth? I remember my father took me to Disneyland on my 23rd birthday. My favorite ride was Pirates of the Caribbean.

My spouse calls me the wife of slit heaven and wants to create a blog about me. Like most guys he gets turned on my lesbian clits (clamorous) . It doesn’t matter if it’s a Black, Asian, or Latin clit. If they are women getting it on showing the gems in their panties, he loves them all. He prefers them raw, hairy, and wild. I used to call him Crazy Horse, now I just refer to him as a snatch addict or simply Fur Freak. He also takes a lot of pics of his lady friends so that adds even more to our never ending photo collection.

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