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Need a happy massage

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she has a nice smile
island dude
How about a full body massage with gentobi oil
lucious, want to moisten your nipples
those boobs are staring at me in the face like a friendly invitation. i would enjoy a face to face chit chat and fuck
hands man
Quite a bust, she must tan her rack the pairs are perfect peaches
Very big handfulls of pleasure.
very Nice I would like to Lick & Suck those & look's liked she is very Beautiful overall !!!!!!!!
Nice smile...
Those are perfect

On my silk sheets

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want to test out those sheets with you
lets stain those sheets
muscle man
kiss you all over. share more of yourself
island dude
Woah. She got the looks. My type!!
damn you gots prime time tatas, love the way your hair drapes down too. nice skin
you have a superb body, just don't ever wear clothes.
Mark B

Nipple pacifier need attention

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she needs some stimulation licking and sucking
mmmm how are you this evening?
how about stopping by my place to see my operating systems
haha bill, you mean seeing how your software works?
Is your bra custom
lets take care of pacifying your hot nipples
I'd love to fall asleep next to those nipples.
I Love the way your Nipple's are Unique !!!!!!!!! Nice boobs also would Love to Suck YOU !!!!!!!
Big tits
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International Big Boobs Events

You know that folks want to rate my boobs when I'm nude. I let them do it for free. I’m talking about magazine publishers and editors, politicians, and even leaders of foreign countries. Specifically Canada, Finland, and Thailand. I used to think that people love to see big hot boobs in general, and be the judge of them. However I’m sure that there’s something special about my bust that are drawing international attention from around the world. My natural bobbies are the hottest. I’ve had invitations to be flown out to far away places, all expenses paid to give private rating events.

For years pics of my naked chest has been the center of attention across the globe. I have paparazzi following me with cams to take vids or images of my sexy natural cleavage. Sometimes the lack of privacy gets to me, but that’s the price of fame as they say. People everywhere adore me and I've been told I have teen titties. I'm in the news and tabloids. I'm also on the top tubes and porn blogs.  I hope to be a special guest on Oprah someday. Oprah is an insightful television show. It is kind of a housewife type of show and it's also syndicated on the radio and internet. Actually she is now on OWN. So I hope to be on that show someday and tell all the men and women about my popularity.

Some may think that I am conceded or just an amatuer girl with a young college chest. Bt my 18+ chick girlfiends know me as a mature adult with soft juggs. In fact I'm a mom. A mom with a hot booby set. When the presidents, leaders, and other persons of authority think so highly of what I have, I don’t think it has anything to do with me being self-centered. Did I mention places Thailand and Finland adore me? Even some porn galleries in Amsterdam. I am on many posters in Canada, and they are even thinking of producing a documentary on my story of cleavage fame and admiration.

With all of the places to rate my chest, one I can remember stands out like a double tatoo on a nude pair of big balloons. The place I am referring to is Panama. I didn’t mention it before because the people of Panama have a lot of insight but are somewhat private. But they adore me there too. I remember they treated me royally, like I was a VIP or Marylyn Monroe or something. I felt like a hot pampered teen. The dignitaries invited me to pull one of the main levers to let this huge cruise ship float up one of the water locks. That’s right, I’m talking about the Panama Canal! Now how many lucky stars from the universe do you need to be able to experience that? Most people I know have never been to that country or Central America. They even gave me a whole jug of apple juice since I was thirsty.

Rate My Tatas Flower Tour

When people rate my tatas they are looking at the whole picture. a Japanese flower arrangement they examine and admire many features. What kind of species and blossoms, the frame of the arrangement, what colors are chosen, the shape of the vase, and so on. Hence with bobbies, the same is true. I'm not a lesbian but the spouse of some friends look at me a flower arrangement. Ok by me. In fact one guy asked me that his wife admired me.

Before I elaborate on that subject, I want to tell you about White Flower Chinese medicine. Some of you may have heard of it. Now I am not a medical doctor and not giving any advice to you ladies out there, but I have something I would to share. The medicine is an ancient combination of menthol, camphor, and some oils mint and peppermint. I accidentally found out how this oil can make the tips of your tatas erect.

One day I was practicing a naughty milf strip tease routine. got a mosquito or spider bite on my left tata nipple through my bra. Maybe it was an ant. It was so irritating and the scope was about one inch. A friend from Hong Kong recommended this Asian medicine to me. I put a very tiny amount on my bump and it seemed to stimulate the whole area. So I put a teeny tiny drop on my other jugg and then I had a pair of hard ones. Imagine how good my tanned cleavage looked in a tight thin shirt.  My sister likes to use it on her knockers too, and she gets bit a lot. You don't have to have Asian tats to benefit. Latin, Black, and White ladies love it. Ditto for my mom and her hard tight tits.

Returning to the big picture, a fine pair of knockers, small or big, loose or tight, is like a beautiful flower arrangement. Round, firm, teen peaches are fine to look at but presentation is important. When  a landscaper designs a garden, he or she first scopes out the whole thing. They don’t just buy whatever they find on sale. Since folks are going to rate my tatas, I have to keep them healthy, natural looking, and make them presentable. Remember you can’t get a good score if admirers can’t appreciate them. Just ask my ex. So don’t be afraid to be a little brave. But please don’t get arrested.

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